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Denver Art Gallery RemainReal Fine Art Hosting "You Should Smile More" by Kodi Delaney

Updated: Jun 10

RemainReal Fine Art, a beloved art gallery in Denver, will proudly display the local artist’s thought-provoking exhibition through the end of December.  

DENVER, Colorado, December 5, 2023 - RemainReal Fine Art is thrilled to announce its current exhibition, "You Should Smile More," featuring the artwork of Denver-based artist Kodi Delaney. The exhibition opened at RemainReal Fine Art on Friday, December 1st, and will run through December 30th, 2023.

Delaney's vibrant and thought-provoking paintings explore themes of identity, gender, and societal expectations. Her work is characterized by themes of identity, gender, and mental health. Through her art, Delaney challenges viewers, particularly women, to question the norms and expectations placed upon them.

RemainReal Fine Art’s Denver gallery’s commitment to fostering a deeper connection between art and the community extends beyond the exhibition's opening night. On December 15th, the gallery will host a special Third Friday Collector's Night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to gain insight into Delaney's artistic process, engage in a Q&A session with the artist, and participate in a silent auction featuring limited-edition prints. The proceeds from the auction will directly support Safehouse Denver, a local charity dedicated to providing essential resources and support to victims of domestic violence.

Gallery owner Diana-Marie Haddad expressed her enthusiasm for the impact of Delaney's work, stating, "We’re excited to present Kodi Delaney's work to our community. Her art is both beautiful and thought-provoking, and we believe it will resonate with a wide range of viewers.” She added, “As a gallery committed to connecting with the community, we’re proud to provide a platform for artists like Delaney, whose work encourages meaningful dialogue and introspection."

About Kodi Delaney

Kodi Delaney is a Denver-based artist who creates intricate and thought-provoking mixed-media drawings that explore themes of identity, gender, and mental health. Her work is characterized by its use of patterns, textures, and layered imagery. Delaney has exhibited her work in galleries throughout Colorado and has been featured in numerous publications. 

About RemainReal Fine Art

RemainReal Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery in Denver that represents a diverse range of emerging and career artists working in a variety of media. Additionally, RemainReal Fine Art invites everyone to explore their own creativity by hosting art classes in Denver, including watercolor, acrylic, drawing, printmaking, and cross-stitch workshops.


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