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Past Exhibitions


Sarah Starling

Sarah Starling considers herself a daydreamer – often thinking about where she’s been and the environments that have shaped her. Her feature show Escapism translates this very thought the use of encaustic medium to delve into the many emotional and physical layers Sarah connects to within these places.

Much like the ever-changing landscapes she depicts, Sarah does not work with a strict plan, but uses a layering process that embraces chance and change.  This body of work is loosely based on real places recounted from her time in the Midwest, West, and Southwest areas of the country. Rarely does Sarah reference real photos. Instead, these images live in her memory, waiting for her to recreate them the way she remembers them.

Exhibition Date: March 2024

"Take a Moment"

Marc Waldthausen

These works were created during my moments.  Moments at night after a day of work.  Moments between sips of tea.  Moments shared with my wife.  Moments alone with just my thoughts.  And memories of moments long since past.  In that time you were having moments of your very own.  These works may now give you new moments.  Moments that strike you, that stir your emotions, that recall your past, or that simply pique your interest.  The goal is not for these works to simply embody my moments, but for the works to provide you with moments that are all your own.

Exhibition Date: March 2024

"Absence and Presence"

Group Exhibition

Step into a captivating realm where the tangible and the intangible converge, inviting you to explore the subtle nuances of existence.

Our art show delves into the intricate interplay of what is seen and what is felt, unraveling the mysteries of human experience.

Through evocative works of art, talented creators lead you on a journey of introspection, where voids and manifestations intertwine to reveal the essence of being.

Experience the profound impact of what is present and what is not, as emotions are stirred and truths are illuminated. Join us as we navigate the delicate balance between what is tangible and what lies beyond

Exhibition Date: March 2024


Marc Risius

Reflecting on his earlier works, Risius describes the meticulous process of painting leafless trees against dark sunset skies, a technique that—while visually appealing—left him uninspired. This led to a shift toward his current focus: blending colors to create expansive skyscapes. 


Risius starts his process by blending color onto a large piece of canvas, often using colors that reflect nature, like blues, greens, and browns. He then destroys the canvas by cutting it into thin strips, which he categorizes by color. Next, he weaves each piece together onto a handcrafted board to create something completely new.


One of the distinguishing features of Risius's art is the conveyed sense of movement, achieved through the spacing of strips in his woven acrylic pieces. This dynamic quality creates an immersive experience, drawing viewers into a captivating visual journey.

Exhibition Date: February 2024

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