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Beyond the Brushstrokes: How to Choose Between Acrylic or Watercolor Art as a Beginner

The world is full of artistic inspirations, and Colorado is a vibrant tapestry of color that can fuel any person's need to create. Every day, people are finding their new passions for art, and painting is an easily accessible medium for beginners. However, that question becomes: How do I start painting? Should I opt for watercolor or acrylic paint?


Both mediums offer a vibrant gateway to artistic expression, but each takes a unique path. Choosing the right one depends on your artistic goals and desired results. So, let's delve into the heart of each, exploring their distinct personalities and helping you find the perfect match for your creative journey.

Should You Learn to Paint with Watercolor?


Imagine the gentle whisper of paint meeting water, swirling colors into ethereal landscapes and luminous blooms. That's the magic of watercolor, where pigments dissolve into water, dancing across paper on a journey of endless possibilities.


Here's what makes watercolor art an enticing muse:


  • Watery Flexibility: With water as your conductor, you're in control of the paint's flow. Add more water for soft washes and delicate gradients, or let the pigments sing with bold, concentrated strokes.

  • Gentle on the Senses: No harsh fumes or chemical smells – watercolor paints embrace gentle washes of color, making them ideal for creating in any space, from your cozy home studio to a sun-drenched picnic table.

  • Budget-Friendly: Compared to their acrylic counterparts, watercolor paints are kinder to your wallet. This makes them perfect for beginners wanting to experiment without breaking the bank. 

Should You Learn to Paint with Acrylic?


But perhaps your soul seeks bold statements, vivid hues, and textures that leap off the canvas. Step into the world of acrylics, where richly pigmented colors come alive with a modern vibrancy.


Here's what makes acrylic painting a force to be reckoned with:


  • Color Chameleon: Mix and blend with ease, creating infinite color combinations to bring your wildest visions to life. Experiment with layering and textural mediums to add depth and dimension to your artwork.

  • Opaqueness on Demand: Unlike watercolor's ethereal transparency, acrylics offer bold coverage. Cover mistakes with ease, build layers of vibrant color, and let your masterpieces stand out with confidence.

  • Surface Symphony: Forget limitations—acrylics embrace a diverse canvas. Unleash your creativity on paper, wood, fabric, even metal! The possibilities are endless.

  • Lasting Legacy: Acrylics boast a strong polymer binder, safeguarding your artwork from fading and damage. With proper care, your acrylic creations will stand the test of time, sharing your story for generations to come. 

Finding Your Artistic Harmony: Watercolor vs. Acrylic Art


While both mediums offer a fast-drying time and easy accessibility, their personalities diverge. Watercolors, with their transparency and delicate flow, invite you to embrace the unpredictable, to surrender to the dance of pigment and water. Acrylics, with their vibrant opaqueness and versatility, empower you to build, layer, and sculpt, unleashing your inner architect of color. 

Embrace the Challenge


Watercolor's transparency can initially feel like a tightrope walk, but mastering its flow offers immense artistic rewards. Learn to use its unpredictable nature to your advantage, creating soft washes and ethereal effects that acrylics simply can't achieve. 

Correction with Confidence


Acrylics forgive a little more easily. Their opaqueness allows you to cover mistakes and build bold layers. This makes them ideal for beginners seeking a more controlled and predictable artistic journey.


Ultimately, the right medium is the one that resonates with your artistic spirit. Do you yearn for the ethereal dance of watercolors, or the vibrant power of acrylics? Try both! Many artists find joy in exploring both mediums, expanding their artistic repertoire and discovering their unique creative voice. 

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Artist?

Whether you're a seasoned artist with a studio full of masterpieces or a complete beginner clutching a fresh paintbrush, painting classes in Denver hold the key to unlocking your creative potential. In a supportive and inspiring environment, you can reignite your passion for art, refine your skills, and explore the wonders of two captivating mediums: acrylic and watercolor art.


Pick a painting class today at RemainReal Fine Art, and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the magic of paint and brush. Remember: Painting is a joyful celebration of the heart meeting the canvas. Let RemainReal Fine Art guide you as you find your artistic harmony, one enchanting stroke at a time.


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